Which is best: online or traditional classroom-based management training?

Management Training

We often get asked management training and of course the answer is: It depends. For some managers, they get a real buzz out of going away on traditional training courses, meeting other managers and taking time out from the day-to-day. Others prefer the fact that online training is more flexible, self-paced, private, cost-effective and available whenever you need it. Trying to remember the ‘motivation skills course,’ six month’s later on a cold January morning when your team don’t want to play ball is not easy.

It’s not ‘either or’

A blend of both often works well so that you supplement your more traditional training with online training.

Reinforce the learning online – make sure everything’s covered

Training that is available online helps to reinforce what you’ve been taught and is available as a refresher whenever you need it.

Practical people skills

Online learning is also great for those practical skills you need in management. Especially managing people! There are some issues a manager may struggle with but be reluctant to admit to in front of others in the classroom.

Ask the question ‘what are we trying to achieve?’

Some recent research also shows that online learning makes it easier to concentrate as there are less distractions. So, it’s difficult to make a single case and much better to start with ‘what are we trying to achieve?’ And if it’s better skilled managers to make a more productive workforce. Then it’s worth considering the best and most cost-effective way of achieving that rather than just going for the traditional option. Times have changed, people have less time and are more tech-savvy so there are more options available for everyone. Best to spend your budget wisely.

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