Extravert or Introvert: Anyone can be great at public speaking!

People often think that extraverts make the best public speakers or deliver the most memorable presentations as they’re full of energy and confidence. But introverts make great public speakers too, as often the emphasis is less about them as individuals and more about the message they’re delivering.


Extraverts draw their energy from people and situations, so it makes sense that they may be more comfortable in front of an audience. They’re great at projecting and energising an audience. However, this can mean they lose track of the message and focus too much on their performance. So, for extraverts it’s worth just making sure you have a clear structure then you can quickly get back on track if you go off piste.


Introverts draw their energy from within and need their own space or their energy levels can run down. Sure, they may not be so comfortable naturally but that does not mean that the presentation won’t be as good as an extravert, it will just be different. Introverts like a purpose for what they are trying to project, and so their presentation will be well thought through, and that comes across to the audience. However, they may miss the engagement, as audiences prefer to be engaged with. So, it’s worth just projecting the human element, slowing down, lots of eye contact, smiling, etc.


It’s about knowing your personality, finding your style and honing it and this comes with practice which is so important whatever your personality type. Film yourself on your phone, this will help you practice and overcome nerves but it will also show you how you project and allow you to make some tweaks and changes. How do you project, how do you sound, was the structure good, is the message clear, and will it stick. As with all skills, keep working at it, (and this means extraverts and introverts!)



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