‘Difficult Conversations’ course now available on Skilful.co

We’re pleased to announce that the ‘Difficult Conversations’ course is now live on Skilful.co and available to all members from today. We’ve spoken with lots of managers and business owners about the ‘pinch points’ in having all the different types of difficult conversations and that’s why we’ve created this course for Skilful.co.

As managers our role is to address poor performance or behaviours, and do so with integrity and honesty. Sometimes we might need to give someone difficult news that they won’t want to hear, or explain to someone the impact of things they don’t even know they’re doing. This course will equip you with everything you need to do this successfully, so you treat your team with respect and manage emotions effectively so you can handle any difficult conversation and get positive results.

The full ‘Difficult Conversations’ course is now available on Skilful.co, and covers:

  • The different types of difficult conversation
  • What makes them challenging
  • Stress levels and emotional intelligence
  • Preparing for the conversation and gathering data
  • How to bring everything to a resolution
  • A five-step process which you can use every time

Featuring our new ‘Interactive videos’

Interactive Video
Above: Our new ‘Interactive Video’ activity type, available as part of the ‘Difficult Conversations’ course.

When designing this course we felt it was really important that managers get the chance to practice having different types of difficult conversations so they could see the impact of their approach, and so get the best result for everyone involved. That’s why, for this course, we designed a new ‘Interactive Video’ activity, where you can watch a part of a conversation then select how you would respond. This gives managers the chance to practice, and potentially get it wrong, in a safe environment and so really get to understand the dynamics of difficult conversations. We will be featuring more Interactive Videos in future courses, so please check them out and let us know what you think.

Five new badges

There are five new badges to collect from the Difficult Conversations course, so be sure to share them on your social media.

1022317101552e8a97c1e4a1.74070741Meet the course tutor, Carla Wise

Carla will be presenting the Difficult Conversations course over on Skilful.co and will take you through everything you need to know, start to finish. She has over 14 years of learning and development experience and enjoys working with people on their development and supporting them through behavioural change.

Start learning about how to have Difficult Conversations today

Skilful.co members can start the course today by heading over to https://skilful.co/course/DifficultConversations. If you’re not a Skilful.co member, visit https://skilful.co/freetrial for a free trial.

'Difficult Conversations' course now available on Skilful.co
We're pleased to announce that the 'Difficult Conversations' course is now live on Skilful.co and available to all members from today.